Monday, August 13, 2007

A little bit about me...

Posted by Shanshine

I am a Coach.
I am a Road Biker.
I am a Skier.
I am a Kayaker.
I am a Happy Person
and I like Happy People.

I enjoy being alive. Living to me is being outside, breathing the fresh air, laughing with friends, laughing with myself, appreciating the small things in life like: sunsets, eddy lines, powder bowls, irish jigs, marshmallows in my milkshakes, the smell of freshly cut grass, black and white pictures, being barefoot, the smell of sap early in the morning and many more things that are easy to look past while going through these crazy days in the fast lane. I love to play. Work Hard, Play Harder. I believe that no one really ever has to grow up, I think that most people just do... and then they forget what it was like when life was simple. I love living this life. Kayaking, Skiing, Biking, Climbing, jiggin, pretending like I can do the robot, these are some of the things that make me, well me. I am a pretty ambitious person, when I get an idea in my brain I usually find a way to put it to action. If you tell me I can't do something, I will try harder to do what it was you said I couldn't do, and I will do it better than you didn't think I could. I recently started my own clothing company. Called KarmaBe. Have KarmaBe Happy. Check it out.

Some people might say that I am accident prone, which may be true, but I think that sometimes I just have a little too much energy, and sometimes that results in injury. Good Times though, always. Friends to me are people, or anything really, that you can count on to be there for you, those that you can lean on when you need it, smile with, be with, and laugh with when things really aren't all that funny. Friends are so important to me. Friendship. Friendship is huge, I can't imagine a world without it. I am a thorough believer that the T.V. show Seinfeld can and does relate to every possible situation in life.
I hope to ride an ostrich some day.

I want to learn to solo on my guitar. I want to become a yoga master, not really a master, but it would be nice to be able to touch my toes. It really bugs me when the toilet paper rolls out from the bottom, but I never take the time to change it. But that is just me I guess. That is just a little bit about me, random at times, a lot of times, but it keeps life interesting, LIFE IS GOOD. Keep on Rockin in the Free World. Paddle Up, Live Large and In Charge, Go BIG or Go Home. Live to Love and Love to Live. Just tryin to keep life simple. Feeling Good, Good Vibes, Good People, you know those really good people, with hearts so huge that they just might explode, love them, love meeting them, I hope to be them... Good Times, indeed.


arian said...

I love your guts! You are the best sister in the whole world. I wish I had your mad skillz. -Arian

HRSpehar said...

Your account of the adventure was spot-on. I was indeed blessed with meeting and getting to know everyone on the journey. Y'all totally ROC'ed! Cheers, Hrs.

Michael said...

Great description of the trip and the people. This adventure meant so much to each of us. And it was a wonderful way to spend a birthday! The weeks were ever so much better because of the energy you brought.

Shelly said...

Hey Shannon that trip sounded like a blast. I miss you tonz. I have a blog too it is if you want to check it out. love ya girl